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We’ll focus on finding professionals with the technical experience suitable to your needs and, moreover, people with interests and values aligned with your culture.

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Our Approach

If we present a candidate to you, it's because we believe that they can be a perfect match for you. This is not just because they have the abilities you need (of course they do), but also because their objectives are aligned with yours (what they want to do).

Do not expect to receive loads of CV’s. We don’t want to waste your precious time.

We Work For Your Growth

We can help you attract talent. But also to improve your loyalty and compensation systems, structure the growth of your teams, align your staffing needs with the market and develop an effective employer branding strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find candidates?

We are constantly building relationships with talented candidates, whether they are actively seeking a change in their career or not. Our primary goal is to understand their interests and aspirations for their professional growth.

Through a combination of inbound and outbound strategies, we actively engage in talent acquisition and network building to connect with the right candidates.

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How do you present each candidate?

We will utilize an online Kanban board dedicated to each recruitment process, where we will upload the candidate's CV along with a comprehensive and detailed report. 

This report will provide a deeper understanding of the candidate's projects, the technologies they have worked with, and their personal career interests.

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Who will I talk to?

A dedicated Talent Success Manager will be assigned to you, providing personalized assistance and guidance. Our Talent Success Manager will take full responsibility for ensuring the success of your recruitment process.

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How much does it cost?

We follow a 100% success-based model, where we charge a one-time commission to the company only if a candidate we present successfully joins your organization. We offer flexibility and can work without exclusivity, providing you with options to explore other recruitment avenues.

Our fees are highly competitive when compared to traditional recruiting agencies. The exact fee will depend on the position and specific requirements, ensuring that you receive cost-effective and value-driven recruitment services.

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How do we begin?

Before we embark on our journey together, it is vital for us to get to know your company’s culture and your specific recruitment needs. 

We strongly believe in establishing a strong alignment with our shared vision and values. If there is a good fit, we are excited to start working with you and achieving recruitment success!

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