We find hard-to-get technical talent 🚀

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Passionate about technology and technical businesses.

Our work in a nutshell:

Our results in numbers


Retention Rate

Our track record speaks for itself, with a high retention rate that demonstrates the quality of our matches and our partners' satisfaction.



Our efficient recruitment process ensures reduced time-to-hire, so you can quickly find the perfect candidate for your team.


One Specialization

We have developed a deep understanding of the specific requirements and skills of the industry. Our expertise has enabled us to effectively match candidates with the right roles.

What our clients say

"En Kulturo son grandes profesionales, entienden las problemĂĄticas y las tendencias del sector, cuidan la imagen de marca de la empresa brindando una buena experiencia al candidato en todo momento"

Aure Contreras
Talent & People Manager at Z1

“Estamos muy agradecidos, y el seguimiento que hicieron fue muy cercano y sincero. La verdad es que, sin duda, si tenemos que volver a abordar un proceso de contratacion, os llamaremos seguro.”

Jose Ruiz
Director of Operations at Know.ee

”Valoramos especialmente que una agencia externa de reclutamiento entienda el sector en el que nos movemos y las especificaciones que necesitamos en cuanto a perfiles tĂ©cnicos y de habilidades interpersonales. ”

Ana Ruiz
HR Manager at Payxpert

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kulturo?

Kulturo was founded with the purpose of building and reconstructing a fragmented sector.

We're committed to acknowledging each professional as a unique individual, with a focus on honesty and the dedication to discovering the optimal choice for each.

We want you to choose us based on shared vision and values, as we strongly oppose outdated methodologies in the field of "recruitment."

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How do you find candidates?

Over the years we have created our own methodology, tools and networks which allows us to reach candidates quickly.

We meet with each partner to understand their culture, objectives and business model and transform this into an outstanding candidate value proposition, delivering something different to the other proposals they receive daily.

In addition, we limit the number of searches we carry in order to deliver the standard of quality we are comfortable with.

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How do you generate revenue?

We help companies find the technical talent they need. 

At Kulturo, our services are always FREE for candidates.

For employers, we have implemented a success-based model: we only charge the company a one-time commission if a candidate we present successfully joins their organization. This ensures that our services are aligned with the success of our clients.

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We are a company looking for talent, can you help us?

Of course! Don’t expect a pile of CV’s. At Kulturo, we prioritize quality hiring over quantity. Experience our focused recruitment approach and discover the difference in our Hire section.

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